Our Services

Three course packages to suit a wide variety of learning contexts.

Our programs put participants' experience at the centre stage in a process of reflective and constructive dialogue. Facilitated to create safe spaces and energy for creative thinking and connection, our fully involved discussion and role play activities provide stimuli for the expression and exploration of both personal views and the perspectives of others.

Core CE course

Delivered in three consecutive parts these are our flagship course exploring issues of identity, diversity and social responsibility or diversity, equity and inclusion.

Suitable for a wide range of participants and packed with content refined over many years of delivery, these course are our 'ready-to-go' option. They are normally delivered as an intensive three day workshop positioned strategically within your academic / corporate calendar.


Based on the same three-part format as our core CE courses but with content uniquely tailored to your particular themes and agendas (eg. sustainability, leadership, etc.)

Ahead of delivery our learning specialists spend time understanding your ambitions and developing exciting content to bring the subject alive for your course participants.

Bespoke program

This package offers you a fully bespoke course, utilizing our team of facilitators and course leaders to provide a fully immersive experience for participants.

Suited to residential programs and camps of all descriptions we work with your team to plan, promote and deliver your course end to end, ensuring a unique and highly engaging experience.