About us

Critical Engagement CIC designs and delivers short-course style programs for dynamic organisations and educational settings. The program encourages participants to explore different perspectives on crucial global, local and personal topics in their lives, putting thinking into actions. Our team is international, working across the world.


Critical Engagement cultivates participants' capacity for critical thinking, creative collaboration and confident, constructive communication.


Participants build lasting, transferable skills to serve as a foundation for active roles and sustained impact in varied personal, professional and community settings.


Critical Engagement gives participants the center stage by creating a forum for open, constructive discussion and collaboration on a range of crucial global and local issues.

CE was created by a group of former students of the United World Colleges in 2008. The program is composed of three themes: Identity, Diversity and Social Responsibility. Each theme builds upon the last, and is explored through a tailor-made combination of role-play activities, small-group discussions, applied workshops, and film screenings.


This theme examines the role of ideas about identity in shaping our lives and our communities. In particular, questions of multiple and changing identities are explored, along with the interactions of individual and group identities. The potential for ideas about identity to fuel conflict and prejudice is further investigated.


Examining diversity both within societies and on global scale, this theme explores different ways in which societies mediate difference. The theme's societal and global dimensions are examined through a range of case studies and contemporary debates.

Social Responsibility

This theme explores our individual and collective roles in the well-being of individuals and communities locally and globally. Particular focus is placed on our responses to social justice issues. Together we unpack questions of privilege and systems of oppression in the context of Social Service.

“Critical Engagement allowed me to relate issues at school with global issues and gain a better understanding of what goes on in the world through someone else’s eyes.”

Participant, UWC Atlantic College